Most Manufactures products including Electrolux and Fisher & Paykel have a Model number and the PNC number  or  Product code  Both are on the Compliance Plate ,  In most cases, both are required if you want the correct parts,  A helpful hint, take a picture of the plate, which may be hard to see by naked eye.                    Help on finding the plate are listed below

All appliances sold in Australia have a compliance plate. It is a legal requirement. A compliance plate is a small metal tag or sticker which states the model of the machine, and usually the power ratings and any design standards etc to which it complies.

The problem is that to stop the plate from being removed, damaged, in the way or burnt or whatever, some manufacturers do a pretty good job of hiding the compliance plates. But we have to find them, so here are a few places to start looking.

The golden rule to remember is that the shortened model on the front of the appliance is rarely enough. E.G. a Simpson Delta 10 could be one of the hundreds of models.

Fridges & Freezers

The compliance plate is nearly always on the front.

Most of the time if you open the door there is a sticker on mostly the Left side wall sometimes on the right, you may have to remove freezer shelves to see it.

 Behind the crispers on the side wall of the fridge. If it isn’t there, pull the kickplate off. sometimes it is behind there.

 It is there somewhere. Seek and you shall find.


Usually, the model will be around the opening of the oven door or inside the griller compartment in the bottom left or right-hand corners.


Lift the cooktop up or open the cupboards underneath and look up and check where the power comes in. There is usually a tag attached to the body of the stove near the terminal box, or on it. On Gas, models remove the spill bowls and look underneath.

Upright Cookers (Freestanding stove)

Look on the back of the kick plate and if there is a draw it could in the draw or on the bottom of the draw. As well as the places listed above for Ovens and Cooktops

Washing machines and dryers

Top loader washers usually have a sticker on the rear of the top panel, if you lean over you can see it, but still, some are on the back. Front loaders and Dryers sometimes have a sticker visible when you open the door, Some even have it on the door hinge. The door hinge is a replaceable item, so if you ever had to replace the hinge, your model would be gone forever.  If you do have one where the number is on the hinge, write the model number on the back of your machine in permanent ink! If you still can’t find it look on the sides then the back.


Nearly all dishwashers have the model number around the opening of the door. You shouldn’t have to pull it out from under the bench, sometimes you may have to remove the kick plate.F&P Dishdrawers have it below the top draw when opened


Remove the Rangehood filters. The model number is located on the underside of the canopy behind the filters.


On the back, or around the opening of the door.